Dear diary: Could you go a day without wearing makeup?

Could you go a day without wearing makeup? I’m talking no foundation, no concealer, no tinted moisturiser, no mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, lipstick, lip gloss, nada, nothing.

In previous posts, I’ve talked about how I don’t like wearing makeup all the time because I like to keep it fresh and I think it’s important to not forget who you are.

The one thing (if you’ve read the mascara post) I can’t live without is mascara, so even if I was heading out to see my grandparents, I would put on some mascara or eye shadow because it felt weird not having anything on.

Recently, I’ve started to strip it down to the bare essentials, meaning walking out of the house with no makeup at all (well in certain situations). I used to be so paranoid about how I looked, because being in makeup, you need to be well presented and look professional at all times.

Lately, I find myself not needing to wear makeup when I don’t have to, which is such a good thing, it’s definitely a great feeling when you feel good about yourself and you didn’t even need to try.

Of course I don’t think I could go to work without any makeup on but I’ve walked up to the shops without any on and visiting my grandparents, too easy.

Let me know, 24 hours with no makeup? Are you freaking out right now? Drop a comment, I’m curious.


12 thoughts on “Dear diary: Could you go a day without wearing makeup?

  1. Haha I’m glad you’re getting more comfortable with putting the makeup down. I actually go bare-faced most of the time and seldom wear makeup, mostly because I’d rather sleep in 🙂


  2. You must know me…..I am the same way. I wear it everywhere and not sure if I want to venture out without it on. I just love wearing it and have since I was a kid so while I could go without it, I don’t want to!


  3. whew! it’s so funny because I just challenged myself two weeks ago with this. being a makeup artist, it’s almost sinful to be out with a plain face but I did it. I felt a little uncomfortable but ppl I know barely noticed I had nothing on.


  4. Sometimes I don’t wear makeup at all. All I do before I leave the house is apply moisturizer. I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it. My day makeup is quite simple and natural looking so people can’t tell as first that I’m wearing it.


  5. Only if I’m home on the weekends or something than i don’t wear makeup otherwise I’m wearing my “war paint” as my brother calls it all the time. lol


    • Yeah tell me about it, especially when you’ve worn makeup for long hours, it just gets too much sometimes, and yes love concealer that would be my second, mascara is my first.


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