It’s about mascara, enough said.

I apologize, I really couldn’t come up with a title for this. Anyway, back to the blog.

Let’s say you woke up late and you literally have 10 minutes to get out of the house. You don’t have enough time to put on a full face of makeup unless you’re pro like that, or if you’re like me you’d rather take your time getting ready.

It doesn’t bother me that I leave the house with no foundation or bronzer or concealer as long as I have one thing, mascara. If I could only have one makeup product in the world, it would be a tube of mascara, concealer coming in second. I think that’s why I can spend $50 on a tube of mascara and not care because I love it, but that’s not the only reason.

Being a makeup artist, mascara is essential in my kit but has the shortest life span. I change mascara after 6 weeks because after that, it gets all flaky due to air exposure. (That and dependent on how many clients I have within those 6 weeks.)

  •          Bin your mascara after three to six months, you’ll find that the longer you keep it, the flakier it becomes when you remove it.
  •         DON’T  pump your wand into the mascara tube, this just allows more air to enter the tube and dries out a lot faster cutting down the longevity of your mascara, instead twist the wand around inside the tube
  •         Want to go for that second or even third coat? Make sure you apply the mascara when it’s still wet, you’ll find that waiting for it to dry and then applying it, will give you clumps.

Sometimes when applying mascara, I’ll find that there is way too much product on the wand and because I don’t want to wipe the excess off onto the rim, be your own makeup artist and

  •   Apply that excess product onto the back of your hand (ensuring it’s clean) and use a [disposable] mascara wand to apply that mascara to your lashes otherwise there will be way too much product on your lashes, you might find it hard to spread out and it’ll just go everywhere.

Some of the mascaras that I’m using right now….

Shiesido perfect mascara in Blk 901. I love this mascara, this was the $50 one I was talking about.

Maybelline The Falsies volum' express in Black Drama. It gives you amazing length like you wouldn't believe.

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