SEE: MAC cream colour base in pearl frost review

First and foremost I wanted to give a quick little explanation as to why I haven’t been posting anything up on see.smell.feel for about 2 weeks now and it’s because I’ve become really busy out of nowhere and when I started this blog, I had a lot more time to give it my full attention and even now I feel bad for not even putting up a post within 2 days for you lovely followers.

So I’ve decided to still do product reviews keeping the name, but rather than 3 products all at once, maybe one at a time.

SEE relates to the makeup products you apply and see on your face.

So here’s the very first product I’d like to review under the category SEE

MAC cream colour base in pearl frost
My favourite part of any makeup application is being able to apply highlight to the top of your cheeks.
There’s something about that sparkle when it hits the light which makes your face glow. For just a tiny brush of highlight, it has such an effect that I really love. The way it sits on any skin colour and the subtlety it has when applied is truly magical. I’m on a high right now talking about this product, it’s great used on foundation or even on bare skin.
Want more? It’s a versatile product! Meaning it can also be applied to the eyes for that browbone highlight and also the lips for that plump look.
Caroline’s tip: Just go try it out!

Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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