Dear diary: Please stop staring at me.

I apologize for not having something up soon I’ve just been really tired this past week and trying to get some decent sleep but haven’t been able to but I wanted to post something up because I’ve finally got some time to actually sit at my computer and write up a  post.

Today I went out to the city and personally for me I’m not a big fan of the city, I used to go there every day and it was just the place to be, but now I rarely go and it’s just rush rush rush everywhere and makes me dizzy.

But I went there to have lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while and I took the train there and I was getting these looks from some girls on the train and you know how when your with your girlfriends and you just see something and you look and then they look at what you’re looking at and then they look back at you and start talking about what you were looking at.  It was like that with these girls but the execution of look but pretend you’re not looking was a fail and it was obvious they were looking at what I was wearing. I don’t know if they were saying something bad or good, who knows, I did look pretty trendy today though if  I can say so, but what do you do in those situations, when it’s clearly obvious they’re staring at you, what do you do? Sometimes i just look directly at them until they look away or I’ll just wave and be like HI and walk off.

I mean I’m not saying I don’t do that, if I see somebody wearing a nice outfit, I’ll look but I won’t stare until it gets uncomfortable for that person and to be honest I’m usually like nice jacket or something where’d you get it? but just curious ladies.  Another train experience, always interesting.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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