I talk about my hair.. again & PPS root lift volumiser

I feel like all I talk about right now is my hair.

I’m sorry, it happens okay. Sometimes I’ll talk about makeup and beauty products and then it’s just only because I got a haircut in case you haven’t read. I mean how could you miss all those blogs.

I really wanted some volume through my hair, especially at the roots as my hair is pretty thick and has volume everywhere else but the roots.

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time in an area where every corner you turn there is a hair salon or hair supply shop and I’m not complaining, I love it and discount prices on products and friendly service    (only if you buy something) I mean how could you not love being some place like that.

No but in all seriousness, this hair supply shop I went into were really lovely, they had a new worker who was from america and I could not concentrate on what she was saying because if you have an accent and you talk to me I just get lost because I love accents and my mind totally goes MIA, especially if you have an american or english accent, seriously I’ll dear diary blog on accents and how much I love them.

Regardless, I talked to her for a good 15 minutes about america and where I stayed when I was over there last year and how she was in australia for 2 months already and how homesick she was and now back to what I went in there for. So i asked her if there was anything for my hair that would give me some good volume and just make it look all fluffy and bouncy and full of volume basically.

So they recommended this for me.

PPS root lift volumiser

If you were wondering, I purchased this for $16.95

A mousse  and the nozzle on this thing is INSANE! you can definitely tell that this was designed just for your roots.

         Initial thought –  I sprayed this through the roots of my hair and it was amazing!  The amount of volume I had up there made it feel like I just had an awesome blow dry. The only thing was I did spray a lot through my hair but that could be just me as my hair is thick.

I used this the next day and I didn’t spray as much as i did the day before so my hair went back to flat again by not even midday.

Overall, I like this product a lot, wouldn’t say love just yet, it’s only the second time I’ve used it but on the plus side, the amount I did spray stayed in my hair for the whole day and what I do like about it the most is the fact that you can just scrunch your hair and the product is still there.

The nozzle on this thing, definitely aims right at your roots.








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