Dear diary: Long hair sucks


Today is a memorable day, well for me at least. Remember how I blogged like 2 months ago about getting my hair cut and how much I loved it, well since then my hair seriously is like super saiyen or something it just grows so fast.

My intention was to actually cut my long hair really short, well not too short like a bob or something only because when my hair gets to a certain length, it looks weird when I leave it out. I wanted short hair but they advised me not to because my hair sucks.

Everytime I’ve ever gone to get my hair cut, it turns out really bad. I mean very very really really bad.  That didn’t make sense, but then again those haircuts never made sense. So I’ve never been back to the same hairdresser EVER  but I thought, since that guy did such an amazing job on my haircut last time, I’d go back there. YEP, I went back. He remembered me, which is always nice so I asked for a trim on my bangs and the rest of my hair.

HOWEVER, I actually planned on getting the haircut that I wanted when I walked out, but it sort of didn’t really look the way I wanted it to look, but he still did a good job compared to the other places I’ve been.

I don’t like the way he cut my bangs this time, because he thinned it out way too much and it’s usually a lot fuller there.

MORAL of this story: NEVER expect the haircut you want when you walk out of the salon, it’ll look completely different. Just expect nothing and it’ll look amazing, well that’s how it’s been happening for me at least.

Read up on my last hair blog here

And if you’re wondering, I will be going back there the next time I need a haircut, he only screwed up my bangs and that can be easily fixed…… with a headband.


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