Dear diary: I feel so badass

I just got back from shopping, being late night, thought I’d  travel somewhere different to shop around and buy things because different places tend to have different stock.

So i was travelling home on the train and I have my train ticket and everything.

Actually, before I go anywhere with this story, I’m a goody goody you could say, I always buy my train tickets, I never get in trouble even when i was at school. I’m the sort of person where I treat people the way I would like to be treated so that’s why I would never yell at someone or treat somebody in a bad way and compared to some of my friends I mean have you ever wondered why bad things do tend to happen to good people. I’m not saying you’re bad for not buying a train ticket but you really should, but even then you can do all these amazing and wonderful things but still have something bad happen to you.

So today I got my first warning EVER! from the popo slash police for having a ticket but getting off at the wrong station or stop.

To be honest I feel so badass because it’s never happened to me before and I know if i tell my best friend she’ll be so proud of me. But then again it sucks because if I ever get stopped again  that’s a definite fine coming my way and I really don’t want to be forking out $200.

Sorry this wasn’t a makeup/beauty post, but I had to blog this out.



Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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