Long nails, sometimes you suck.

Having long nails can be such a pain and not having long nails makes my fingers look short. And having a wireless keyboard sucks because it’s not in sync.

I love texting,I am a texting freak especially if I have credit to waste, but having a qwerty keyboard, the slide phones that you see in gossip girl is kind of annoying, i can’t text properly because my nails get in the way and I make soo many mistakes that the text message doesn’t even make sense.

I really don’t know where I’m going with this post so i’m gonna stop. I’m just trying to keep myself occupied before gossip girl is on. Goodness I’m bored.

Thankyou to whoever invented blogging! It’s like I’m talking to people but I’m really not but I could be because someone would be reading this. 15 minutes to go.

Hope you liked my earlier post today. That was interesting to write.


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