Move on over

Hey all, so I’ve decided to move my blog site over to  I’ve been in the process of changing up my blog, so it’s not going to be just about makeup and beauty, but the stuff that goes on in my life as well, which will give you guys something more to read and entertain you just that bit more. I’ve got some great ideas I want to get out there, it’s just the matter of transferring all the info from wordpress to BlogSpot and getting used to the new site.

Set up is relatively the same, have all the good stuff with product reviews in see.smell.feel, the product of the month page, subscribing to my blog via email, nothing too different, just allows me to change the layout and hopefully figuring out how to add a life blog (name yet to be verified) and makeup blog as well.

So please head on over to my new site at

and don’t forget to subscribe on the new site if you haven’t already and follow me on twitter.

See you all there!

 Will most likely have this blog up and delete it later down the track.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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