To cut or not to cut

There’s something about getting your hair done at a salon which makes your hair look instantly amazing! No matter what it is from getting a blow dry to getting your hair coloured, it just looks great. Now I know not everyone’s salon experience is what I make it to be, but when that hairdresser nails what you wanted and you can’t help but flick that hair of yours, that’s a great feeling.

I used to be terrified of getting my hair cut, because trust me I’ve had some of the worst haircuts since I was little. They would just be too short or too thin or uneven or just plain bad! You name it, I had it. I finally gave up and you know what, hair is hair, it grows, I know, but nobody wants to walk out feeling silly and constantly worrying about the way they look.

Getting sick of my long hair, I went to get it cut the other day, now I have bangs and I really like it, the only thing is it looks nothing like the way I had it after I got it done. Which really upsets me, I get all excited when I get my haircut and the fact that it’s not as sleek or not as straight or perfectly set bugs me a little.

Everytime I walk in to get my hair cut now, I no longer have any expectations that my hair will look good after. So it definitely is a surprise when I actually like it.

Bad hair experience? Tell me about it and leave a comment. 

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