January 26th 2012


Shiseido The Makeup Smoothing Veil


Primers really help to give that extra coverage for a flawless look. With the smoothing veil I found that it not only helped to cover the little fine lines I had around my eyes but also slightly brightened and moisturized my skin. The only negative was that it left a white to grey film on my skin, even though I made sure I used a lesser amount than what I used before and ensuring it was rubbed deep into my skin. Better to use this as a primer underneath foundation rather by itself as a moisturizer or brightening cream.


Baby Bench colonia in Cotton Candy

Made in the Philippines, this has got to be the cutest range of colognes I’ve seen yet. Not too sure if any of you are familiar with Baby Bench but it’s basically a scented cologne where you can just rub onto your skin which leaves you feeling fresh and clean or do what I do and transfer it into a small empty spray bottle and voila perfume to go.  It comes in 6 different smells and my favourite has got to be Cotton Candy. That and I literally bought a 100mL of this product for $2.80. Bargain or what?


So Fresh Makeup Wipes in Green Tea

Ever wondered what the best way was to take off all that makeup?

So Fresh makeup wipes! I love this product, I use it for myself and all my clients and believe it or not I purchased this for $2 at K-mart. With one towlette I was able to take off a full face of makeup including eyeshadow and mascara and we all know how hard mascara is to take off without an actual eye makeup remover. It left my skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed, I was really surprised with how much it took off and it really did leave my skin feeling So Fresh!


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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