What a brow thing to do

Have you ever looked at a friend’s face and thought, something’s different. You’re not too sure what it is, but they look different? I’ve always been one to spot the changes my friends make to themselves, all the way from their hair to the type of clothing they wear.

One thing that can completely change the way your face looks will surprise you. Believe it or not having the correct brow shape can do wonders for your overall look.  Think about it, when you see somebody with eyebrows that are very thin, highly arched like they have two semicircles sitting on top of their browbone, you stand back in amazement because you can’t focus on any other feature but their brows. They could have the most amazing eyes you have ever seen but your attention is drawn to those semicircles above.

We all have different face shapes and that’s why it’s important to get your brows done by somebody who knows what they’re doing, we can’t all have EXACTLY the same brow shape as our faces aren’t structured the same way. It might sound simple but we all make mistakes, even I do, I’ve had my fair share of overplucked brows with a very high arch.

Having the correct brow helps to frame your eyes and give your face definition, shaping them in a particular way such as having a very high arch right in the middle of the eye, can make you appear angry when you’re not. After all our eyebrows help us to show our expression like when we’re shocked or worried.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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