A little goes a long way

Like most girls, I LOVE makeup, I love the idea of waking up in the morning and applying that little bit of mascara or eyeliner just to brighten up my eyes. But have the pressures of today and society itself made girls feel that insecure about themselves where I see makeup applied where I just want to wipe it all off?

Although I love makeup, it’s important to not forget who you really are. There are arguments about the REAL meaning of makeup, some argue that it simply enhances the features you already have, others disagree and argue makeup is the art of transforming and creating a character. Whilst I agree with both arguments, it depends on the look you are trying to aim for. But why is it then that girls apply foundation so heavily when they are just going out to the shops? Is it insecurity or the constant pressure of feeling you need that much makeup to be perfect?

I understand the need for makeup, the feeling you get when you’re all made up and ready for a night out, you find a new found confidence, you feel beautiful. However, makeup as apart of your everyday life shouldn’t be about transforming the way you look to a point where you forget who you are, rather enhancing what you already have and remembering that not everybody is the same and nobody is perfect.


Any thoughts or comments, leave me one, or some.

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