helloooo blogging!

A big hi and hello to anybody reading this right now!

I’ve decided to try this whole blogging thing out, apparently its the new craze these days. I can’t wait to get started and blog about anything really. (mostly makeup)

So far, i’m so confused as of what to do but i’ll get there.  Just want to get this blog up and running, you guys don’t understand how excited i am. I wanted to be a journalist at one point but then i changed my mind and now i’m doing makeup, so why not put two and two together and write about the makeup products i get to buy and try. =)

Keep reading my posts guys, i think you’ll be surprised about the stuff I say.


3 thoughts on “helloooo blogging!

  1. Good on you babe! I’m really proud of you! I will definitely be following you on facebook 😉 I’m really excited to read about your insights on beauty and makeup. I will also recommend my friends to visit your blog!

    All my love,



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